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Operation Microscope (Ophthalmology)

Model No: YZ20T9

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Smart and compact body allow easy mobility. Spring balance system of arm ensures the microscope move freely.

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YZ 20T9
Characteristics :
1.Five-step magnifications for main microscope, three-step magnifications for assistant microscope; Fine focusing for assistant microscope keeps the same clearness as main microscope.
2.Lens made of imported glass from Germany can reduce the optical aberration.
3.X/Y movement can be automatically centered.
4.Independent electrical box has automatical diagnosis function, which is very convenient for repair if necessary.

Optional accessory:
1. Teaching Tube, Beam Splitter.
2.1/3″CCD Camera, CCD Adapter, Beam Splitter and relevant Cables

1.Eyepiece Magnification: 12.5×/18B
2.Objective: 200MM
3. Working Distance: 190MM
4. Magnification for Main Microscope: 4X、6X、10X、16X、25X
5.Magnification for Assistant Microscope: 6X、10X、14X
6.Diameter of Field: 58MM、38MM、23MM、14MM、9MM
7.Adjustable Diopter: ±5D
8. Adjustable Range for Pupil Distance: 50MM~70MM
9.Illumination Source: 12V/100W, Halogen Lamp
10.Illumination Type: 6°+0°coaxial illumination and 26°oblique
illumination which can be adjusted for slitting and the slitting width is
11.Coaxial Illumination: ≥30000LX
12. Oblique Illumination: ≥15000LX
13.Reaching Range of Arm: 1240MM
14.Adjustable Vertical Range: 850MM~1350MM
15.Fine Focusing Speed and Range: ≤2MM/S, ≥50MM
16.Speed for X/Y and Range: ≤2MM/S, 50MM×50MM
17.Voltage: AC220V±10%/ 50HZ±1HZ、AC110V±10%/60HZ±1HZ
18.Power: 330VA
19.Fuse: AC250V T4A、AC125V T8A
20. Electrical Safety Standard: IEC 601-1
21.Whole Packing Volume: 0.786M³
22.Carton Number: 5
24. Total Weight: 213KGS

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm


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