Operation Microscope (Muti-Faculty)

Operation Microscope (Muti-Faculty)

Model No: YZ20T4


Double binocular operation microscope designed for two users. Assistant binocular head can also be switched as opponent binocular head.


1. Assistant binocular head can be converted to opponent binocular head to meet the operation needs in ophthalmology and other departments.
2. Beam splitter and CCD camera adapter can be used to connect with teaching tube and digital camera.
3. Three different objective lenses (f200/f250/f300) are available and applicable in ophthalmic surgery, hand surgery and orthopedic surgery.
4. Oblique illumination can be used as slit illumination with slit width adjustable and 360° rotatable.
5. Multi-layer coating technology is used on all lenses to prevent mildew and enhance lens transmittance.
6. X-Y movement can be reset automatically.

Additional information

Weight 210 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 cm


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