Slit Lamp

Model No: SL3K

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1. Advanced converging stereoscopic microscope.

2. 14mm Aperture provides broader and clearer field of view.

3. Compact and flexible structure ensures the convenient use.

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Galileo parallel design for using, five magnifications14mm aperture provides broader and clearer field of viewHigh sensitivity professional objective lensGerman industrial bulb, high brightness without harsh, quick heat dispersion, also provide the low heating, high brightness and even lighting.

International standard accessory interface which can connect kinds of ocular posterior segment laser adapter and foldman tonometer

Digital upgrading interface. Can upgrade to digital slit lamp

Excellent optics performance, versatility and ease of use

Stereo variator, besretinal view even through small pupils

Ergonomic, wide aperture optics for fatigue free daily use

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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 70 × 53 × 50 cm


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