Ophthalmic Stand

Model No: TR102A

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1. Smart European style in appearance designing
2. Human-oriented design, complete functions makes operation be more conveniently
3. The chair could up and down, rotate left and right, and with tiltable backrest

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1. Adopts Europe style in appearance designing, single structure, good performance, and easy operation.
2. Hand-operated phoropter arm can swing up and down, left and rignt to its best position, which shows the human-oriented design of it.
3. Worktable provides with 90 degrees’ rotation.
4. Sliding table to accommodate two instruments.
5. Table instrument voltage selectable, 3V, 6V,9V, 12V, and 24V(50W)
6. Auxiliary 110V/220V output under table.
7. Overhead light and table voltages are variably controlled via dimmer swich.
8. The comfortable chair can smoothly lift up and down with low noise and able to bear big force.
9. Choosing suibable styles according to your room.

Mechanical Parameters
Up/Down Angle of Swing Arm: ± 30°
Table Size: 840mm× 405mm
Table Rotational Angle: 90°
Table Sliding Movement: 330mm
Angle of Rotation for Chair: ± 60°
Lifting Height for Chair: 150~200mm
Loading for Chair: 70 ~150kgs(Electric); 70 ~200kgs(Hydraulic)
Lifting Height for Pillow: +150mm
Backrest Obliquity: 90° ~135° Or 140°
Input Voltage: 110V/220V AC 50Hz~60Hz
Engine Power: 55W 24V DC(Electric); 160W 220V/110V AC(Hydraulic)
Light Luminaire: 16W 110V/220V AV
Fuse: 5A 250V AC
Power Without Load: 1W
Pressure Test: 2kv
Main Wire: 10A 250V
Working Mode: S1
Working Temperature: -30° ~+50°
Relative Humidity: Less Than 90%
Force of Pressing Key: 1~5n
Cooling Mode: Nature Cooling
Figure Size: 1400mm× 1000mm× 1990mm
Weight: 175kgs

Additional information

Weight 170 kg
Dimensions 120 × 110 × 210 cm


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