Product details
  • Hartmann sensor with 145 measurement points, ensures better result for progressive and multi-focus recognition and more accurate results
  • Green spectral measurement light source
  • Higher level hardware, good tracing performance of the optical system and faster measurement speed
  • Can measure lens of low transmittance rate (≥5%), sun glasses with dark color, tinted lens and polarized lens
  • UV measurement
  • Data can be transferred to auto phoropter


measurement range Minimum measuring value
Sphere 0~±25D 0.01D、0.06、0.12D、0.25D
Cylninder 0±10D 0.01D、0.06、0.12D、0.25D
Cylinder axis 0~180°
Prism 0~20Δ 0.01Δ
ADD 0~+10D 0.01D、0.06D、0.12D、0.25D
Lens diameter Φ10mm~Φ119mm
Product size 203(W)×233(D)×471(H)
Product weight 4.5KG
Power supply AC 110V~240V,50Hz~60Hz,35W

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.