Dry Eye Analyzer (SL-6EB Slip Lamp)

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Dry Eye Analyzer (SL-6EB Slip Lamp)

Model No: SL-6EB


Excellent optical microscopy, intelligent light conversion technology and high-definition digital imaging technology, through the hidden electronic control technology perfect union, carry on the classic ocular surface inspection platform.



Dry Eye: 

Placido ring (23 rings)

Tear meniscus height measurement  –  visible light or infrared light selectable, optical magnification.

NIBUT  –  Visible light or infrared light selectable, duration <= 25 sec, auto calculate the first break up time and average break up time

Lipid layer grade evaluation  –  Grade with contrast models, measure lipid layer thickness

Quantitative analysis of meibomian gland deletion  –  Imaging with infrared. quantitative analysis of deletion, optical magnification

Eyelid margin analysis  –  Gland opening grading, optical magnification

Bulbar redness analysis  –  Auto grading conjunctival congestion and siliary congestion severity

Optics :

Resolution >= 2300•N Ip/mm

High sensitivity

High-point eyepiece

Magnification 6.3x 10x 16x 25x 40x


LED (white/infrared)

Slit width 0-14 mm

Slit length 1-14 mm

Slit angle 0°-180°

Inclination 5° 10° 15° 20°

Aperture diameter 0.2-14 mm

Colorless/ Heat absorption/ Grey/ Redfree/ Cobalt blue

Five blue filter combinations

Contrast-enhanced filter


1800 Megapixel DSLR camera

Auto exposure

Auto optimization

Auto eye position identification

Coaxial background light

1080P Video


Dry eye complications examination

Anterior segment examination

Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 84 × 55 × 53 cm