AB Ultrasound Scanner

AB Ultrasound Scanner

Model No: SK3000


obtain globe length, visualization of lens dislocation and detection of retinal detachment.


B Scanner
Probe Frequency: 10MHz
Scanning Mode: Mechanical sector scanning
Gray Scale: 256 Levels
Zoom: Yes
Total Gain: 20-105db
Measuring Depth: ≥60mm
Scanning Angle: 53
TGC: TGC 0-30db
Memory: 20 Images
Resolution: axial≤0.2mm, lateral≤0.4mm
Display Mode: B, B+A
Pseudocolor Mode: Yes
Report Print: Vedio
Playback: 150 Frames
A Scanner
Probe Frequency: 10MHz
Measuring Range: 0-42mm
Biometry Accuracy: 0.05mm
EYE Mode: 6 Different measuring mode, 3 Custom measuring mode
LOL Formula: 6 Calculation formulas with contrast calculations
Statistical Calculation: Standard deviation, variance
P Scanner
Probe Frequency 20MHz
Biometry Accuacy ≤0.01mm
Measuring Depth: 0.3-1.2mm
Output Mode: Vedio
Computer Parameter: Special imbedded system, 12.1″ display screen, touching type operation
Printer Available: Sony copy machine, norma

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 10 cm


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