Dry Eye: 

Placido ring (23 rings)

Tear meniscus height measurement  –  visible light or infrared light selectable, optical magnification.

NIBUT  –  Visible light or infrared light selectable, duration <= 25 sec, auto calculate the first break up time and average break up time

Lipid layer grade evaluation  –  Grade with contrast models, measure lipid layer thickness

Quantitative analysis of meibomian gland deletion  –  Imaging with infrared. quantitative analysis of deletion, optical magnification

Eyelid margin analysis  –  Gland opening grading, optical magnification

Bulbar redness analysis  –  Auto grading conjunctival congestion and siliary congestion severity

Optics :

Resolution >= 2300•N Ip/mm

High sensitivity

High-point eyepiece

Magnification 6.3x 10x 16x 25x 40x


LED (white/infrared)

Slit width 0-14 mm

Slit length 1-14 mm

Slit angle 0°-180°

Inclination 5° 10° 15° 20°

Aperture diameter 0.2-14 mm

Colorless/ Heat absorption/ Grey/ Redfree/ Cobalt blue

Five blue filter combinations

Contrast-enhanced filter


1800 Megapixel DSLR camera

Auto exposure

Auto optimization

Auto eye position identification

Coaxial background light

1080P Video


Dry eye complications examination

Anterior segment examination