The center slot, front arc groove and rear arc groove for the edge of the half frame or frameless eyeglass lens.

Detailed product description:

1, LG1 adopts copper hollow panel, AC motor, common blade;

2, suitable for all kinds of glass, resin and PC lenses;

3, groove depth, position adjustment (front – middle – back);

4, adjustable groove depth: from 0 to 0.7cm;

5, the width of the slot: 0.65, suitable for various sizes of lenses and narrow long lens slot;

6, lens thickness: from 1.5 to 11mm;

7, lens diameter: from 18 to 70cm.



Voltage: 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz

Power: 80W

Net weight: 2.9kg

Inner box size: 27 (L) x23 (W) X22 (H) cm